Motorinos top 10 favourite video clips

Motorino’s passion for music, video clips and video making all started decades ago. 6:30am Saturday mornings. Parking up in front of rage, watching a few hours of video clips whilst the folks slept in. Here are some that truly stuck with us, and some that have really hit home for us in recent times.

All of these are great songs and maybe even better vids!

A$AP Rocky - L$D

I think this could be our favourite. Visually, I’m not sure if another video clip comes close. You truly feel like you’re on some psychedelics cruising through the bright neon lights of Tokyo. The bridge of the song finds ‘ASAP’ in some amazing chandelier/merry go round set, visually taking you away to some other fantasy world, somewhere I would love to throw a party. The film then jumps tune to another rap of his ('Excuse me'), and his red striped shirt contrasts so beautifully in his reflection, surrounded by golden chandeliers.

It’s dreamy, spacey, psychedelic and stylish all in one clip. Co-directed by ASAP Rocky, it is some of his finest work. I haven’t tried LSD in Tokyo, but I sure wouldn’t mind trying it after seeing this clip. 



Kanye West - Runaway. 

In theme with the album and this song, it’s a truly beautiful but indistinctly dark video clip. Kanye hurting over his piano, surrounded by beautiful ballet dancers contrasted with a green iron warehouse back drop. What???! No idea how he does it, but it works and this video looks, sounds and feels amazing.

Be sure to watch the extended version, where these dancers feature in solo shots, whilst some heavy strings replace the Runaway beat. Jaw- droppingly gorgeous.


Sticky Fingers - Australia Street

Our first insight into the magic and madness of Sticky Fingers. An epic song about their early days, they take us through the main drag of Newtown in Sydney’s inner west, where it all began for them, on Australia Street. A fun and epic look into the life of a young Aussie band full of attitude, fun, steeze and amazing music.

Note: Coldplay got hounded for copying their video clip and doing a similar one take clip walking down King Street as well. C’mon Chris. Was yellow not enough??


Childish Gambino - This Is America

Everyone remembers when this video first came out, it took the world by storm - the journey this clip took you on and the cultural layers it exposed. I’ve never seen a video make such an immediate and strong impact on society/culture.

It ropes you in with a nice guitar rift and Childish’s funky dance moves, and then BANG (gun shot), it flips you upside down and goes into the true story of the song, America.

We are not the one to walk you through the political and cultural story behind this video clip, but YouTube it, there are some insane reviews on it.


 ACDC- It's a long way to the top

This video clip is a brilliant period peace. It screams of the care-free, roaring 70’s, Aussie rock scene lead by Bon Scott, one of Australia’s greatest front men. ACDC and a Bag Pipe band, trucking around the busy Melbourne streets on a flatbed truck #straya. If you weren’t sure where ACDC’s immortality started, this video says it all.

PS: as always, listen to this song LOUD.

Blink 182 - All The Small Things 

Blink taking the piss out of video clips and artists of that period (God bless late 90s early 00’s pop music). A cracker song and video clip, full of fun and punk attitude, in true Blink Fashion.

Hearing Blink just takes you back to where you first heard them. I still love partying to this song.

Can you recall the other video clips Blink take the mickey out of in this clip?


Dune Rats - Red Light, Green Light (Green version)  

Ahh to be young. An absolute ripper of a song by Dune Rats and an even more EPIC video clip! Dunies, the epitome of Aussie surf rock, never taking themselves too seriously and CAN write a catchy tune! I truly don’t know how they did this and if anyone has ever tried it? I’m sure it was a one take and one take only. Next level stuff.

PS: Keep eyes peeled on YT for the video interview of them afterward, wow.

We couldn't actually post this video on here. I think it may have something to do with it's PG13+ content. Nonetheless, it's a MUST watch haha.  (link below) 


Destiny's Child - Survivor.

Destiny’s Child going beast mode. In a time where the critics weren’t sure if DC were all that, having copped criticism for continually changing members, they came back stronger than ever with a real powerful anthem in Survivor. Coupled with a legitimate, beautiful, Hollywood quality video clip. The girls on a beach looking as gorgeous and as powerful as ever, putting a big finger up to their doubters (men). Little did we know what beast we had woken.

I do love Beyoncé, but I love Density’s Child a little more.



A powerful song where J.Cole talks about his struggle, like a middle child, where he finds himself between 2 generations of hip hop, the old school game we know so well and the young emerging now. However, the whole video is an clever flip on middle America, where J.Cole is from. It juxtaposes two different cultural sides, one where J.Cole felt he belongs, and the other which was predominantly white…But in this clip, him and the crew are enjoying both (middle finger up!)

On top of the epic lyrics, and the concept of the video mirroring a similar story, the visuals in the clip and the different scenes are amazing but also quite terrifying. J.Cole drags us into a dark world he has obviously struggled with. An awesome production. 


Eminem - Stan  

An iconic song of our primary school days, coupled with an iconic Dido sample. A very dark and real video clip to match the roar, genius story telling of Eminem. Eminem fan or not, no one forgot seeing this video clip. As the beat sample carried you on, the story of the clip had your eyes glued to screen. Jaw dropped. Unsure how it was all going to fold out. If a video clip can truly make you feel real emotions and leave a imprint on you 20 years later, you know its quality! 

One of Eminem's best songs. His ability to turn such a beautiful and lovely Dido song, into this dark tragedy is a testament to how good he really is.


Michael Jackson - Thriller 

Last but not least, an royal mention must go to Michael Jackson's Thriller.  A proper mini movie in true MJ style. This 13 minute marathon, full of twists and turns is as classic as it gets. The costumes, oh the costumes!! The choreography, the signature dance moves, piled with the awesomeness of the song truly makes MJ reign above all. Take a bow. 

Michael Jackson is the King of video movies. 


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