At home with co-founder Jack




At home with Motorino’s Co-founder Jack



Whilst the world has been in lockdown, so has the Motorino team. Today we catch up with Co founder Jack, to hear about his whirlwind start to the year and what he has been up to during isolation.


Whirl wind of a year so far for you, tell us about it?


Massive whirl wind of a year so far for me, as it probably has been for everyone. I moved to Japan at the end of 2019, to play rugby in Osaka for NTT Docomo. We were mid way through the season when COVID hit. Within the space of two days we went from preparing for a rugby game, to getting on a plane to return home mid season. I was planning to return, but whilst I was back in Australia, it was decided that the competition would be cancelled for the remainder of 2020. So, trying to organise my house in Osaka and returning all my belongings has been a mission, considering I speak very little Japanese. 


What’s your role within NBMSC?


My role within NBMSC is mainly the creative director and clothing designer. We are super lucky at NBMSC, as we have such a small team, Clarrie and I get a taste of all things running a business entails, like creating content, working with artists/manufacturers and designing cool shit. We are forever learning new skills and it’s pretty cool to be able to create a business from the ground up.




How did you enjoy Japan and being a professional rugby player?


Japan is such an incredible country, and in particular the city of Osaka. It was awesome to be able to play rugby as a career, and to do it in such a sick city, I got super lucky. Osaka is most renowned for it’s food and fashion, so it was a great experience. I got so much inspiration for Motorino whilst being over there. I think they are definitely leading the way in the fashion industry. Osaka is a city that I will definitely visit again, whether it’s to play rugby or not.



What are some unforgettable moments from Japan?


The Japanese culture was an experience in itself. They are such kind, loving people. A good memory is, we got a week off, so myself, a team mate and another mate that I had over from Australia at the time decided to go on a little relaxation trip to a ski resort in Hakuba. Whilst we were on the train on the way there, we were wondering why we kept running into so many Aussie’s, until one of them asked us “So are you here for the festival?” We said, “What festival?” haha. Anyway, long story short our relaxing ski resort getaway, turned into a week on the piss and one hour on the slopes.



Where do you hail from?

 I grew up in a country town called Orange, decided to move to Sydney to play rugby at easts with is were I met Clak and have lived in Bondi for the last 10 years and spent the last couple of months in Japan.


 What have you been getting up to in isolation and how have you been keeping sane? Any music or Netflix recommendations?


Not a heap of Netflix to be honest, but pumping some serious music, playing some guitar, and trying to stay as fit as possible. (Will add a playlist to our Spotify page)


Whats your favourite garment of NBMSC?


My favourite range would probably be our latest winter range, and I would say my favourite garment would be the Knicks hoodie.




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