Motorino Team Ride - wrap up

Motornio 3rd Team Ride


After weeks of lousy weather we were praying to the riding gods to send us some sunshine for our 3rd Motorino team ride. And that they did. Sunday brought the sun! The roads were dry (enough) and we were laughing. Motorino co-owner Jack (Grunta) was serving up the coffees from his new @thefloat in true Bondi style. Fully caffeinated and decked out in our gear - we were Manly bound. 25 Motorinos saddled up. We had some original Motorinos in attendance as well as plenty of fresh faced locals who had heard about the ride and had come to join the madness! 

We pit stopped in Manly for lunch. The Sashimi boyz at Fishbowl took care of the crew. As usual, they nailed it. A quick drive from Manly and we were at the North Head of the Harbour (a short 5 minute drive from the coast to the harbour - how good is Sydney?!). We took some snaps, burnt some rubber, and revved up some awful noise at what we’ve decided must be one of the best views in Sydney. We are loyal to our East beaches, but credit where credits due, the North side of the Harbour turned it on for us!

The day finished with a cruisy ride back to the spiritual homeland, North Bondi rocks. Everyone arrived home in one piece and with a full license (thank you riding gods). We parked up, headed down to flatty and ended the day with a swim in our undies. Sundays don’t get better than that!

Big thanks to the boys at the Float for putting on the beautiful coffees. (@thefloat)

Also thanks to Fishbowl, for providing the lunch at Manly Fishbowl for us foreigners. (@fishbowl_sashimi)

And of course the biggest thanks to our Motorino crew for joining the madness! See you at the next team ride.



Watch a video re-cap of the day here 

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